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easyMarkets ReviewEasyMarkets is a forex and CFD broker that provide access to different markets to all European traders and thus, also in UK. A service that – we anticipate it immediately – is totally legal and equipped with all the licenses and certifications necessary to trade online in the correct and safe way.

We also know, however, that the world of brokers is extremely competitive today and therefore we’ll necessarily have to compare what EasyMarkets offers with what we are used to seeing on other brokers. At least on what we believe to be the best.

What does this broker allow us to do? Does it offer sufficient access to the markets of stocks, Forex, cryptocurrencies and others that may be of interest to us? Or is it a broker that doesn’t offer much, perhaps not even in terms of platforms?

We will have much to discuss about in what’s going to be a more comprehensive review of EasyMarkets that you will have on the web. Also talking about costs and commissions and also about the pros and cons of these who choose this broker at the expense of others. And if you want to better follow our review, open a demo with EasyMarkets here, to test the broker while you read the guide and to be sure that what we are describing corresponds to reality.


There are always many aspects that we must face before we can make a final decision on a broker. We will do the same with EasyMarkets, always applying our scientific review method that takes into account what are the most important aspects for trading online.

  • Headquarters, license and company : precisely because there’s no type of advantage to operate with a broker who isn’t able to offer us the best in terms of security. We will see together that EasyMarkets has a valid license and is therefore able to offer an absolutely safe environment, at least in terms of certifications.
  • Markets to which it offers access : What kind of markets does EasyMarkets offer access to? Are they enough for managing a good portfolio? Or are we facing yet another broker who unfortunately doesn’t really have anything interesting to offer in this sense? We will analyze one by one the market offers that this broker offers us, evaluating whether they are sufficient to seize the best trading opportunities and to have a good diversification at the portfolio level.
  • Trading platforms – our readers have known this for a long time. Choosing a broker who isn’t able to offer us suitable platforms for trading means choosing a broker that doesn’t put us within the best conditions to trade. Does EasyMarkets offer MetaTrader or other solutions? Do we have good alternatives to go investing with a good platform?
  • Costs and Commissions : These are something you should always consider before choosing a broker. Because, as we always repeat, it’s of little use to possess a good broker who is then unable to offer us the top in terms of economy. These are the criteria that we are going to analyze, one by one, on EasyMarkets.


EasyMarkets is a legal and reliable broker. And this is certainly a good starting point, especially taking into account the fact that trading scams are unfortunately the order of the day today. A good way to avoid scams is to check the broker’s license in front of us.


EasyMarkets License

In the case of EasyMarkets we’ll be able to do it on the official website, where we’ll find all the details of the CySEC license, easily verifiable online, with which the broker in question is equipped. The CySEC license is to be considered absolutely on par with the CONSOB license, because CySEC is issued by the Cypriot authorities, which operate within the MiFID context, or the European framework of financial rules.

Which means that we can consider EasyMarkets to be completely in compliance with the licenses. Enough to define a broker as recommended by ForexBrokers.me.uk? we do not think so. Because there are literally many brokers who are absolutely in compliance with the licenses but who then have tons to do in terms of operations. So we’ll necessarily have to deepen our knowledge of EasyMarkets.


Does EasyMarkets allow the opening of a demo account to practice online trading without having to spend even a cent? Absolutely yes.

Good brokers want to show their customers the potential of the services they offer and to do so they make available to all those who intend to try, a demo trading account to invest with virtual money. in this way it’ll be possible to test every single functionality of the broker in question.


Access to the markets is another issue of fundamental importance for those that want to choose a broker that has a real bite.

A broker who can really help us trade in the best way.

We will analyze one by one the markets to which EasyMarkets offers you access.


The Forex is one of the most important markets for those who want to do online trading and EasyMarkets couldn’t disappoint in this respect. By now all brokers worthy of this name have in fact a good assortment of pairs. And EasyMarkets is not any exception.

In fact, all the main markets in the sector are present, i.e. all the main pairs and also a very interesting selection of the so-called exotic pairs.


Even the shares are offered by EasyMarkets in good numbers. To be fair we must certainly admit that we’ve seen numerically more supplied brokers.

But we also understand the design choice of EasyMarkets , which preferred to go and choose the best shares on the squares of new York, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong, to provide its customers with a limited but very high quality selection. .

Something that certainly won’t meet everyone’s taste, especially those who need plenty of action to set their strategy. But for those that are taking their first steps, the choice offered by EasyMarkets is certainly of a level.

If before taking our steps on this market we want to be sure of the selection that’s offered by this broker – we can always open a demo account , able to offer us everything we need to trade at the top.


The selection of raw materials is also discreet , given that there are both energy raw materials and those of precious metals, also as an almost complete selection of all the main food raw materials . You can’t really even consider asking a broker for more, at least in this sense.


The criptovalute could definitely be treated with a little more depth. Because we are facing a broker that doesn’t offer much in this sense. There are currently only three, including the ubiquitous Bitcoin. Not the best for those who want a cryptocurrency broker. But certainly enough for those who don’t need to venture further into these markets.


The selection of indices offered by EasyMarkets is certainly excellent. Indeed, with none fear of being proven wrong, we can say that we are in front of one of the best stock market index selections that we’ve had the opportunity to analyze during our long career.


And here maybe we’ve that extra step that allows this broker to break away from the gang. Because we are in front of a broker that also offers vanilla options, as well as forward.

Something extremely interesting for those looking to integrate the usual CFD-rich portfolios with more dedicated tools, perhaps, to those that know how to do it on the markets. Even these tools can be tested without any kind of problem with a free demo account. Account that permits you to test all the features and markets that are offered by EasyMarkets with virtual capital.


We are also quite happy with what this broker has been able to offer at the level of Investment Platforms.


EasyMarkets platforms

Because we are faced with a broker that offers two different platforms, trying to satisfy the requirements of all customers.


MetaTrader is one of the most popular platforms especially by those who trade almost by profession. A very feature-rich platform that today also allows us to access scripting languages and other automatic and semi-automatic management of our portfolio and our investment.

A platform that today is present in practically all brokers of a certain thickness.

And the fact that it’s also included in EasyMarkets we can only rejoice. Because precisely a choice that certainly offers the highest quality level for its customers.


EasyMarkets also offers an excellent proprietary platform, which allows everyone to access the broker’s services simply by opening their web browser.

A solution that will certainly offer less functionality than what we’ve just seen with MetaTrader, but which nevertheless may be able to satisfy a whole series of customers, who may instead need more simplicity.

We have tested it and we can say, without any kind of fear of being proven wrong, that we are in front of a platform of the highest quality with none quite doubt, a platform that allows us to invest better even if we don’t have a great experience.

Even the online platform can be easily tested with a demo account, without any kind of risk.

Because we’ll always and only invest with virtual capital. The proprietary platform is available for desktop, smartphone and tablet. Among the features most appreciated by those who use it we certainly find the dealCancellation, which allows us to activate a sort of protection, with a very small payment, which allows us to cancel our order within an hour.

In addition we also have access to Inside Viewer, a system that allows, in a social trading style, to ascertain what the aggregate of other traders is doing. Closes the Freeze Rate framework, which is an option that permits you to temporarily block the installments of the assets on which we want to invest.

A high quality platform, which certainly projects EasyMarkets among the simplest brokers we’ve had the chance to review on our pages.


We also take this chance to remind you that all EasyMarkets Apps can be conveniently downloaded from all the best App markets. That is, respectively, the App Store for Apple and Google Play for smartphones that run Android.


Very particular is the fact that this broker offers two types of separate accounts allow us to trade one with the official App, the other precisely with MetaTrader.

The conditions under which these two account versions are offered are as follows:

  • Minimum investment of 100 euros in both cases;
  • Lower spreads on the App for EUR / USD and on average lower on MetaTrader for everything else;
  • Maximum leverage of 1:30 in both cases;
  • Zero commissions but only a very small spread in both cases;
  • Insights by email, technical analysis, only for VIP accounts;
  • Personal Account Manager for both platforms.

Choosing one or the other solution will depend on the spreads we want to be applied to us and therefore the sort of trading we are going to do.

The differences in the spread level between the 2 platforms are however minimal. Just as the spreads offered by this broker are generally minimal.

A question on which we will still have the opportunity to return later in our guide.

For now, if you would like to test both, you will still have your free demo account, which allows you to trade with virtual capital and test the platforms offered in both cases.


We always mention this type of accounts at the end of our examination of the accounts available on a broker.

Because we understand that it’s absolutely not for everybody to go and invest in compliance with the requirements imposed by MiFID for professional investor status.

For those who still have these special needs, it’s absolutely possible to trade on EasyMarkets, which offers precisely this kind of account.


EasyMarkets offers, like all the best brokers, also the possibility to access training structures that are included in each type of account.

As is customary when administering quality brokers, training is generally entrusted to multimedia content , calibrated precisely to the needs of different investors.

  • Courses : they’re definitely the backbone of what Easy Markets offers. There are basic, intermediate and more in-depth ones for those who already have some training;
  • Possibility of doing tests : to verify one’s knowledge, which is certainly appreciated because it’s the only valid way, at least in our way of seeing things, to test one’s knowledge;
  • Free E-Books : starting from the basic levels, to pass these to the more advanced topics, including in-depth information on all MetaTrader features.

Without forgetting the insights into the trader’s psychology and other fundamental, but often snubbed, aspects of the trading world.

We will fly over the glossary, which really represents the bare minimum that’s provided by every broker today. But that anyway from EasyMarkets is of a good standard.

All you have to do is sign up for free to have access to all these in-depth and training possibilities.


Is Easymarkets too expensive a broker? actually, as always, it’s very difficult to answer this question at least based on what’s offered by brokers at a basic information level.

Because everyone – rightly – talks almost exclusively about how much you spend on the minimum spread.

We need to make some clarifications on EasyMarkets in this sense:

  1. It is a zero commission broker, that is, you do not pay for the single trade, but you spend a little bit on the differential / spread between buy and sell;
  2. Trading is free : because in reality you do not have direct commissions , unlike what happens in the bank;
  3. You pay no commissions to deposit and withdraw your money : which is always accepted and unfortunately very uncommon.

We can therefore say, once again without big doubts about it, that what EasyMarkets offers in terms of commissions is absolutely in line with the best in the class and above all with the level of services offered.


We are almost in the final phase of our review and we can say that we are 100% certain that EasyMarkets isn’t a scam.

We are faced with a broker that allows you to go and invest protected by a perfectly compliant European license , one that can offer maximum protection to those who invest.

We are also sure that it’s a broker that doesn’t scam also thanks to the personal history of those who control it: people and experts who have been on the market for years and who have excellent reviews on sites like TrustPilot and on other independent sites.

Those who invest with EasyMarkets (here to learn more on the official website) can sleep more than peacefully.

So how can he sleep when he chooses one of the brokers we think are the best and recommend to our readers.


We have reached the verdict and we would like to advise our readers to give EasyMarkets a chance.

Remembering that we can test it even without spending a euro – here the free demo is available – we can go to underline the strengths of this broker:

  • dealCancellation : a system that we believe to be interesting, especially for those that are taking their first steps. It has the economic cost of a little insurance and will allow everyone to correct the missteps that inevitably occur once they are taking their first steps in the world of trading. A tool that’s also very useful in moments of maximum volatility, such as those that follow after a big news that comes from the economic calendar.
  • Proprietary platform that we believe to be of great quality and that is coupled with what’s then offered at the level of shared platforms. Having a choice between MetaTrader and a quality platform like EasyMarkets’ means having access to the best that the markets can offer.
  • Good selection of stocks : you’ll perhaps have worked more on stocks and cryptocurrencies, but everything else is certainly well stocked. We don’t believe that many are unable to find the tools and securities necessary for an honest portfolio diversification.
  • Low minimum investment : being able to start with only 100 euros isn’t for everyone and it’s something we certainly appreciate. Many quality brokers offering professional and level services such as those offered by EasyMarkets require a lot more to trade.


Is there anything you’ll work on?

  • Social Trading : it’s integrated into the proprietary platform, but we expect further evolution in the future. EasyMarkets has the technical capabilities to move to more advanced systems.
  • Assortment of shares : you’ll do better, at least to please those who want to invest mainly in this specific market.

For the rest, despite these small points which will be improved, we can say that we are in front of a very large broker , of these who are certainly destined to have their say even in a crowded market like that of European brokers .


What is the public opinion on the well-known aggregator of opinions on the simplest international brands?

easyMarkets on trustpilot

easyMarkets on trustpilot

easyMarkets enjoys an excellent reputation; as of this writing, it has nearly 1,000 reviews with a customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 / 5 (Outstanding).

You can visit the official website here.


We close by reiterating a bit what was the line that we’ve matured during our review. We are facing an excellent broker, one that allows us to go and invest during a good number of markets, under conditions that we believe are more than interesting.

You can also test everything with a free demo account, which we believe to be absolutely the bare minimum in terms of transparency. We can therefore trade in absolute freedom and with all the tools that we believe are necessary in today’s trading world.

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